What Should I Do?

Psalm 46:1 (NIV) God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble.

Hallelujah! This verse is refreshing and soothing to the soul! God is our refuge! God is our strength! God is ever-present! That is so awesome! Where can you find such a thing? Where can you find such a person? Yes, we have loved ones who will do almost anything for us but there is no one who is ever-present! Yes, we may have people in our lives we can run to in times of trouble, but you know you can wear out your welcome with folks. My point, there is no one like our Lord and Savior. He is never too busy. He welcomes us every time we come to Him. When you have God on your side who can stand against you? What trouble is too big for our God?

Psalm 46:1 mentions times of trouble… Let me encourage you because we all have seen our share of trouble, you could be in trouble right now! When I say trouble I am speaking of problems in our lives. When we are in trouble sometimes we can see no way out, just remember we serve a God who can make a way out of no way. Remember He formed the earth out of nothing! Trust God! When we are in trouble sometimes we think we have to do something and/or we don’t know what to do. Remember we serve a God who is all-knowing His thoughts are higher than our thoughts in times like that we need to let God be God in our lives and focus on what He told us to focus on. Do you remember what He said? In case you forgot, He said to focus on Him He also said the battle is not ours its His. We have an understanding of our problems but we also understand God is able to handle it and He will either give you peace in it or bring you out but YOU must believe and trust!

We serve an Awesome God there is no one like Him! You should pray and tell the Lord about your trouble and then start praising Him for what He has already done and what He will continue to do because He is faithful!

When you start feeling like your problems are becoming more than you can handle just remember this verse and gain peace and strength from it! Be encouraged, keep believing, keep trusting!

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